At Fit640, we understand that Exercise Science is a deep academic field with many components. Bringing all of these components together into an effective and safe exercise program requires specific knowledge, education, and experience — all of which Fit640 brings to our members through our cutting-edge workouts ad superior guidance.


Come checkout FIT640 and receive an introductory workout with one of our personal trainers for free! Email to set up a free intro and mini workout!

Smartfit Strength Workouts

Every week our Smartfit640 Strength Training program is divided into 4 highly effective different workouts. Plyometrics, isometrics, rep ranges and modifications are all chosen carefully and provided for you. FIT640 workouts are written to ensure proper rest time between major muscle groups and to strengthen all 640 muscles in the body.


$129/month – SmartFit640 Strength Training (does not include BURN)




Small Group Strength Training

Join our Small Group Strength Training classes with an instructor present to correct form, help with weight selection, and answer any questions you have. These classes follow the same four workouts written each week on the board (video demonstration available on the app). 5 person minimum & 12 maximum. This class is subject to change to Open Virtual Group if numbers fall short of 5. 

Open Virtual Strength

Open virtual strength groups are available in between instructor- led groups every day of the week to give open access to the gym. Not sure what to do at the gym? Don’t worry, our FIT640 workouts are demonstrated on our app so that you can follow our safe and effective strength workouts on your time! Join an instructor led class for your first workout to see how it works! 12 people maximum per group.

Private 1 on 1 Training

Receive expert guidance and coaching with private training. Training includes a high tech body scan analysis and a highly customized weekly training plan. We have 5 & 10 pack private training options for those who want ongoing training, or want to start out with private training before moving into groups!

Semi Private Training

Split the cost with up to 3 people with semi private training! Receive customized training and workouts from a FIT640 trainer for a fraction of regular personal training costs. All members of the group must agree on a set day and time(s) of the week. Have a semi private group you would like to train with, or looking for a group to join? Contact and we will get you started! 



5 Private Sessions – $495


10 Private Sessions – $895


10 Private Sessions with Sr. Trainer – $1200







$159/month – Month to Month


$139/month – 12 Month Commitment


$129/month – One Year Paid in Full


$125/10-pack – Includes All Class Offerings


$75/5-pack – One Time Purchase