At Fit640, we understand that Exercise Science is a deep academic field with many components. Bringing all of these components together into an effective and safe exercise program requires specific knowledge, education, and experience — all of which Fit640 brings to our members through our cutting-edge workouts ad superior guidance.

Small Group Personal Training

  • Eliminate fitness confusion
  • 45-minute instructor lead workouts
  • Expert coaching
  • Gain Strength, burn fat- not muscle
  • Emphasis on Correct Exercise form
  • Customized weekly workouts

BSTRONG*NEW SATURDAY CLASS* A 1 hour class including 25 minutes of BURN cardio and 25 minutes of Smartfit strength. Download the FIT640 app to sign up!



$129/month – SmartFit640 Strength Training (does not include BURN)




Private 1 on 1 Training

  • Highly customized weekly training plan
  • Clarifies & incorporates 3 phases of fitness
  • Expert guidance and coaching
  • High tech body scan analysis
  • Lose unwanted fat without grueling routines
  • Increase functional strength and lean body mass



5 Private Sessions – $495


10 Private Sessions – $895


10 Private Sessions with Sr. Trainer – $1200






FIT640 Master Membership

Includes BURN640 & SmartFit640

Purchase & book classes through our FIT640 app or click the links below:

$159/month – Month to Month


$139/month – 12 Month Commitment


$129/month – One Year Paid in Full


$175/10-pack – One Time Purchase


$75/5-pack – One Time Purchase



SMARTFIT640 Strength Schedule