At Fit640, we understand that Exercise Science is a deep academic field built by several components. Bringing all of these components together into an effective and safe exercise program requires specific knowledge, education, and experience — all of which Fit640 brings to our members through our cutting-edge workouts and gym access 15hrs/day.

Smartfit Strength Workouts

Smartfit640 Strength Training workouts are provided biweekly and utilize plyometrics, isometrics, rep ranges and modifications- all carefully chosen and provided on our FIT640 Vimeo profile. FIT640 workouts are written to ensure proper rest time between major muscle groups and to strengthen all 640 muscles in the body.


$79/month – SmartFit640 Strength Training (does not include BURN)




Strength Training

Not sure what to do at the gym? Don’t worry, we provide you with complete workouts so you can follow our safe and effective program on your own time, in our clean and modern strength studio.

Our workouts are designed for every age group, and to properly guide you through training the 640 major muscle groups in your body- in only 45 minutes. 

Written on the board and video taped, our total body workouts are carefully designed SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT WHAT TO DO FOR EXERCISES. The training floor is fully accessible from 5am to 8pm. Just book your '640 Open Group' class on the FIT640 app and sign in on the tablet when you arrive. 

Our FIT640 workouts are demonstrated on our app so that you can follow our safe and effective strength workouts on your time! 

Our Workouts. Your Schedule

640 Basics. In addition to the workouts, we provide expert video advice and full demonstration on how to preform each exercise properly, to AVOID common injury and maximize your time and efficiency at the gym. 

We have live trainers on the floor approximately 25 hours per week during popular times to assist you, and are always available to members by phone or email for questions and guidance if you happen to miss a live trainer during your workout. Your success is our goal. 

We also provide CUSTOMIZED WORKOUT PLANS for individuals looking for that next level experience and to focus more on their individual goals. 

Private 1 on 1 Training

Receive expert guidance and coaching with private training. Training includes a high tech body scan analysis and a highly customized weekly training plan. We have 5 & 10 pack private training options for those who want ongoing training, or want to start out with private training before moving into groups!

Semi Private Training

Split the cost with up to 3 people with semi private training! Receive customized training and workouts from a FIT640 trainer for a fraction of regular personal training costs. All members of the group must agree on a set day and time(s) of the week. Have a semi private group you would like to train with, or looking for a group to join? Contact and we will get you started! 



5 Private Sessions – $495


10 Private Sessions – $895


10 Private Sessions with Sr. Trainer – $1200







$159/month – Month to Month


$139/month – 12 Month Commitment


$79/month – One Year Paid in Full


$125/10-pack – Includes All Class Offerings


$75/5-pack – One Time Purchase