Nutrition is a vital piece to your fitness success. We clarify the role of nutrition and how proper food selections and amounts will work for you. By providing you a professional body composition analysis, we're able to identify your exact current status, then guide you to a successful future. Science based nutrition is a part of TRAINING SMARTER.

Body Analytics & Nutrition Coaching

  • Eliminates the confusion of food choices
  • Clarifies what to eat, and when to eat
  • Expert knowledge drives smart habits, not dieting
  • Coaching and accountability to guide you
  • Modern body scan & analysis



Body Composition Analysis & Personalized Nutrition Plan
$119 member | $199 non-member

Monthly Nutrition Coaching
$89 member | $149 non-member


  • Premium Quality Prepared Meals
  • Locally made — locally delivered

Eating nutritious meals 7 days a week is the toughest part of living a healthy lifestyle. Let us help you solve that challenge, stay on track and take a break from the kitchen.

Save time, Eat healthy, Feel great!

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