The Ultimate Cardio Experience









Epic, curated playlists. Red-lit, energy-filled studio. Qualified inspired instructors. All of these come together to push you through an interval-based, cardio experience like no other.

Come BURN with us.


RED & BLACK Your inner badass comes out just because you stepped in.

BIKE  The go-to equipment for caloric burn! Our rogue fan bikes will BURN fat twice as fast as any other piece of cardio- equipment.

ROW Our rowers are engineered for low impact, but activate all posterior chain muscle groups- legs glutes, hams, and upper, lower back. 

PUNCH  Our water filled atomic bomb bags provide a more forgiving target, putting less strain on your hands, fists, wrists, elbows and shoulders while providing the most authentic training experience for amateur, professional, and fitness boxers! This head-to-toe exercise will have you feeling the BURN from the first combo set. 

SKI Long recognized for delivering one of the toughest workouts around, our wall mounted, precision engineered Nordic ski ergs increase endurance, while developing leg, core and upper body strength. 

INSTRUCTOR’S PICK This portion we leave to our instructors. Plyo boxes, jump ropes, and your own body weight will be used to complete this 6- minute round. 

COOL DOWN Stay and cool down before you endure the rest of your day. A deep stretch is always provided at the end of each BURN640 class.

What to Expect

Some tips and information on what to expect the first time you take class.

  1. Book your class on our FIT640 App.

  2. Add gloves to your cart. Purchase your own to keep or rent a pair, if you're not ready to commit. 

  3. Pick a spot to begin the BURN- maybe next to your bestie, or in your fave studio spot!

  4. First Timers: Show up at least 15 minutes early for your pre-class orientation. Our instructors will teach you proper form on each piece of equipment and give you an idea of what to expect during your class.

  5. Whether it's your first time, or you've been here since day 1, you'll always be greeted with a smile. Never hesitate to ask any questions along the way. Our instructors are here for you! 




Using a variety of the studio's equipment, your instructor will guide you through a unique combination of intervals designed to create a sense of community and build energy throughout the room. 

The BURN circuit was carefully created to provide a true science-based cardio workout. Each piece of equipment was chosen to work all the 640 major muscles in your body. This potent formula provides a pure cardio, full body workout that dramatically increases your fat burn for optimal weight loss. Always go at your own pace. We always provide modifications if needed!

Unlike most boutique-fitness studios, we keep your cardio and strength games separate (Trust our expert experience on this). It’s a pure scientific fact. BURN fat here and head on over to Smartfit640 to build muscle.

*BSTRONG* Our newest FIT640 class brings you through shortened BURN640 Cardio and Smartfit640 Strength classes. This 60 minute class starts with STRENGTH. Two 3 exercise circuits are carefully explained by the instructor. You have 20 minutes to complete the circuit before heading on over to BURN where the class is shortened to just four stations, BIKE.ROW.PUNCH.SKI. 

We have perfected the fitness game. Trust the FIT640 system, and you are on your way to a happier and healthier YOU.

Come BURN with us.

Burn640 Pricing

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Regular Pricing:





$20/ Drop- In


FIT640 Master Membership

Includes BURN640 & SmartFit640

Purchase & book classes through our FIT640 APP or click the links below: 

$159/month – Month to Month


$139/month – 12 Month Commitment


$129/month – One Year Paid in Full


BURN640 Schedule