A Private Modern Fitness Facility

We are a private modern fitness facility (click here for 3D tour) located in downtown Portsmouth, NH. Our facility houses unique equipment and a dedicated team made up of certified trainers, Physical Therapy Doctors and Exercise scientists. Fit640 combines form an science to unlock powerful metrics in your body that trigger incredible physical changes. We have translated complex science into highly efficient and achievable workouts that maximize results in half the time — regardless of your age or fitness level — Fit640 is redefining fitness.

Our unique elite training modalities are derived from years of professional level experience and academic – science based knowledge. Unlike virtually every traditional “gym” or kettle bell / battle rope “boutique gym” there are zero random acts of bogus exercises or workouts in our facility. Every exercise, every bio-mechanic and every workout is taught correctly and monitored every step for integrity that delivers true, measurable results to our wide ranging members.

Our Mission

Most everyone wants to look and feel their best. The overall goal to lose fat, gain muscle, become healthier, and make significant and lasting physical and mental improvements is very motivating. Proper fitness training can produce these phenomenal results only if the training consists of vital details, those that unlock important physical pathways in the human body. In the vast field of fitness, there is a marked difference in knowledge and experience when it comes to training & nutrition for improved health and increased fitness levels.


For many, “hitting the gym,” or engaging in the latest fitness fad, typically ends as exercise in failure.

The human body is the most sophisticated machine known to man and, when it comes to fitness, often times the products being sold and the methods that are being demonstrated are simply outdated, unsophisticated, and improper. Exercise science is a field containing many complex components, and the proper administration of this fitness science requires a specific knowledge base and a deep well of experience. Fitness enthusiasts commonly put in a respectable amount of effort in the gym, but they train incorrectly—even under supervision—because of the massive amount of misinformation that surrounds the exercise industry. Even worse, such fitness enthusiasts don’t realize the high-risk exposure they have for potential injuries from incorrect exercises, nor do they realize the overall ineffectiveness of their efforts.

Through Fit640's education, training, and coaching programs, we change this and bring your fitness and health to a whole new level and predictable outcome.

The role of applied research and exercise science reaches far beyond the common act of lifting a dumbbell, pushing a sled, or flipping a gigantic tire in 95-degree heat.

Fit640's workout programs are born from scientific knowledge and principles that incorporate Biomechanics, Anatomy, Physiology, and Sports Nutrition. Our specialized experience and understanding of physiological responses to modern effective training enable us to provide cutting edge information and sensible guidance throughout our wide range of diverse members — from beginners in their teens and twenties, to middle-age men and women in their 30's right through to their 70's, to both active and retired pro athletes.

The bottom line is that we provide and direct our members through safe and highly effective workouts. Our members achieve measurable gains in mobility, strength, and force production, while moving toward lasting increases in their overall fitness.

Through Fit640’s expert training and coaching, our members experience significant gains in cardiovascular fitness, gains in lean body muscle mass, gains in functional integrity, gains in endurance, and most importantly, they avoid those common injuries that are often times brought on by incorrect and damaging training methods.

The development of optimal exercise programs is, in no way, a trivial task. The specific demands placed on skeletal muscles require targeted adaptations for optimal training outcomes. The following bullet points include a few topics everyone should understand if they are searching for improved health and increased performance results through fitness training:

  • The structure and function of skeletal muscle and connective tissue
  • THe critical role of biomechanics for joint safety and maximum motor unit recruitment
  • The critical effects of training frequency, volume, load, and intensity
  • Why ATP, Lactic, anaerobic, aerobic, and beta oxidation are critical factors in goal setting and training modalities
  • Why contractile velocity becomes vital to protein synthesis
  • Why Golgi Tendon Organs can be your friend or your enemy
  • Proper nutritional assessments, dietary guidelines, and meal planning
  • Why nutrition — and nutrient timing — is the most difficult part of an athletes' success